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EPCEd is designed to provide outstanding service to the emulsion polymers industry through expert consulting and unique forms of continuing education.
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   We are pleased to announce that EPCEd will be offering its emulsion polymer workshops in a remote/on-line manner during 2021.  Given the continued state of the Covid virus pandemic around the world, we have concluded that in-person gatherings will remain impossible for the remainder of the year.
   EPCEd has already begun this process by contracting with several international companies to present on-line workshops exclusively to their scientists and engineers. Although time zone differences can present some extra challenges, we have been able to make arrangements to engage audiences from widely different time zones.
    EPCEd is now offering online, interactive workshops to general audiences (professionals from different companies participating together.) Our first workshop is a new one, Basics of Creating Latex Particles with Controlled Size and Chemistry (Step¹), to be held from August 23-26, 2021. It will be presented in 4-hour segments over these four days, and registration is open. We will also be presenting our Scale-up and Commercial Production of Emulsion Polymers workshop (Step⁸) on October 18-20 and 25-27, again in four hour daily sessions.
Those on our email contacts list will receive those notices directly. We are also most pleased to receive your inquiries directly via [email protected]. 
Composite acrylic, multi-lobed latex particles - SEM image.
Composite acrylic latex particles - TEM image.
Schematic of latex polymerization reactor.
Courtesy of Pfaudler
Courtesy of Calvin McGowan
".....I have to say that they were some of the best teaching lectures I've seen - wish I could have been to something like that at the start of my career!"