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EPCEd is designed to provide outstanding service to the emulsion polymers industry through expert consulting and unique forms of continuing education.
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Although Covid 19 is still with us, life seems to be taking on a more normal routine. In that vein, EPCEd is offering one workshop in 2022 and it will be held in a single location. We are offering our popular Scale-up and Commercial Production of Emulsion Polymers (Step⁸) workshop in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on November 15-18, 2022. Registrations are currently being accepted. Those on our e-mail contact list will receive these notices directly. We are also most pleased to receive your inquiries directly via [email protected].
Composite acrylic, multi-lobed latex particles - SEM image.
Composite acrylic latex particles - TEM image.
Schematic of latex polymerization reactor.
Courtesy of Pfaudler
Courtesy of Calvin McGowan
".....I have to say that they were some of the best teaching lectures I've seen - wish I could have been to something like that at the start of my career!"