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EPCEd announces the formation of an integrated curriculum for professional development, education and training in the major topics related to the production and use of emulsion polymers.  This comprehensive curriculum is composed of 9 complementary workshops, ranging from the basics of emulsion polymerization science through the technology of formulated coatings.  The individual workshops are designed to appeal to scientists and engineers working in research and development, and also those involved in pilot and commercial scale operations.
"I have certainly learned a lot about emulsion polymerization in the last three days. I intend to complete all 10 courses."
"I really liked this course and found it to be an excellent way to learn some key concepts." (Morphology)

You are invited to learn more about the details of these STEP n workshops by contacting EPCEd at [email protected] Industrial managers may be interested in contracting for a series of these workshops to be conducted at the company site for their personnel as a means of new employee professional development and/or as intensive refreshers for experienced professionals. While there are no prerequisites for participants, it is expected that they will have had university based education in chemistry, materials science and/or engineering.

The curriculum is named the Science and Technology of Emulsion Polymers, or STEP n , n being a particular workshop number. The full array of STEP n workshops is shown below. These workshops may be taken in any desired sequence, although some advantage is gained by taking STEP 1 (or an equivalent) first. All workshops are highly interactive in nature and limited to an enrollment of 24 so as to assure intensive interaction with the faculty. All of the EPCEd faculty members have cutting edge research accomplishments and extensive university teaching credentials, balanced with the realism of significant industrial experience. The workshops are designed to be 2, 3 or 4 days in length, depending on topic, and will usually be offered at common sites with participants from a variety of companies. Arrangements can also be made to conduct any workshop at individual industrial sites with participants restricted to that company.