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    New Products and Tutorials
Emulsion Polymers Consulting and Education
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EPCEd is pleased to announce 2 new product categories for 2023. Both are offshoots of our emulsion polymers workshop program. The first, as detailed below, is the addition of 2-hour tutorials on very specific topics. A number of these are already developed while others will be created in discussion with industrial clients. The second, also detailed below, is to be formally engaged with companies etc.
**New**  EPCEd to partner with companies to develop employee training programs in emulsion polymers science and technology

  • Very few graduating organic chemists, polymer chemists, chemical engineers or materials scientists have any significant background or experience in emulsion polymers or polymerization.
  • Seldom are chemists/engineers who are experienced in other industrial polymer materials and processes ready to contribute to emulsion polymer assignments without significant new training and mentoring.
  • Many senior chemists/engineers with extensive emulsion polymer experience are at or nearing retirement age in many companies.
  • EPCEd has a curriculum of 9 intensive workshops focusing on different aspects of emulsion polymerization and water-based polymer dispersions. These range from basic concepts all the way to scale-up and commercial operations, including analytical characterization techniques. This curriculum can be reviewed by going to our website: www.epced.com
  • EPCEd assists companies in designing and presenting a series of educational workshops to assist technical managers and human resources teams in providing new/existing employees with high level training in emulsion polymers.
  • Further information and requests for proposals can be received by contacting us at [email protected].   
**New**   EPCEd announces a new addition to their educational offerings that complements their STEP’n curriculum of intensive, multi-day workshops on emulsion polymers and polymerization.

  • Short, 2-hour tutorials on very specific topics in emulsion polymerization and water borne coatings 
  • Topics developed in discussion with industrial clients
  • Clear objectives determined by the industrial partner leading to the definition of tutorial content by EPCEd.
  • EPCEd develops Power Point slide decks for the chosen topic. Pdf’s of decks are sent to the industrial partner for dissemination to those planning to participate (unlimited in number) in the ensuing 2-hour, on-line discussion led by EPCEd partners
  • EPCEd responds to participants questions during and after the tutorial session
  • Costs to the industrial client are variable depending upon the chosen topic and the necessary development time for EPCEd to create and present the slide discussion
  • Examples of tutorials include:
            -  Water absorption in latex derived films
            -  Starch modification and starch/acrylic hybrid latexes
            -  Rheology of mono- and bimodal latexes
            -  Zeta potential – applications to latex stability
            -  Surfactant adsorption onto latex particles 
            -  Core-shell and other structured latex particles – production/characterization
            -  Vinyl acid comonomers – their role in emulsion polymerization
            -  Other possibilities after discussion with client
  • ​Further information, topical outlines of each tutorial, and requests for discussion on possible other tutorials can be received by contacting us at [email protected]