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Emulsion Polymers Consulting and Education
    Core-Shell Latex Particles – Fundamental Aspects of Morphology Control
This intensive workshop deals with the basic factors controlling particle morphology in synthetic latices used for coatings, adhesives, impact modifiers and biomedical applications. Thermodynamic principles are applied to investigate the effect of experimental recipe and process variables. Computer simulations are used to design latex particles and analyze the morphology via TEM. Non-equilibrium morphologies and emulsion polymerization kinetics are treated in detail through experimental design and computer simulation. Participants should be familiar with operating computers in a windows environment.

This workshop is directed towards scientists and engineers involved in product development and latex processing operations, and who produce or use water based latices for architectural and paper coatings, textiles and carpet backings, pressure sensitive adhesives, printing inks, impact modifiers, etc.  

Click here for more workshop information (downloadable pdf).