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Emulsion Polymers Consulting and Education
Despite having been practiced at commercial scales for more than a century, emulsion polymerization is increasingly the preferred reaction process used to create polymers of high molecular weight as aqueous based dispersions. The latex product is in the form of nanoparticles with controllable chemistry, and even extends to multicomponent particle systems with specific morphological structures. This workshop has been designed to introduce those relatively new to the field to the chemical and physical principles involved in creating latex particles with controlled polymer chemistry and nanoparticle size distributions. A thorough review of free radical polymerization reactions for homo- and comonomer systems establishes the basis for understanding the chemical kinetics that take place in both the water and polymer particle phases. Extension to the physical chemistry of colloidal systems allows us to establish the principles that control nanoparticle nucleation and subsequent growth. Participants will find that having developed such a background in these subjects, they are then well positioned to work with the myriad of challenges involved in creating commercially viable latex based polymers. .

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        Basics of Creating Latex Particles with Controlled Size and Chemistry