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Emulsion Polymers Consulting and Education
The objective of this workshop is to provide industrial engineers and scientists with an intensive, interactive workshop on the production of synthetic latices in pilot and commercial scale reactors. Transition from laboratory scale operations to the pilot and commercial scales involves new considerations of mixing, feed streams, reactor operating mode (batch, semi-batch, continuous), heat transfer and finishing operations. Beginning with a review of the fundamental aspects of emulsion polymerization, the focus then turns to the details of process alternatives for producing co- and terpolymer latices at high solids content. The participants work through case studies in which they have to confront choices of monomer (neat or emulsion) feed streams, reactor temperature profiles, surfactant and initiator streams, and reducing residual monomers to acceptable levels. Reactor heat removal and mixing considerations become key features in reaching practical conditions for successful production in large reactors.

This workshop is particularly directed towards those in industry who are responsible for moving latex polymerization processes from the lab to the commercial scale, including those responsible for process safety. Laboratory scientists will also benefit by learning to appreciate the special features of large scale reactors that help to define process possibilities and economics.  

Click here for more workshop information (downloadable pdf).
        Scale Up and Commercial Production of Emulsion Polymers