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Emulsion Polymers Consulting and Education
    Hybrid Latex Systems – PU/Acrylic, Alkyd/Acrylic and Inorganic/Organic Latices
This workshop is designed to provide industrial scientists and engineers with an intensive, interactive workshop on the synthesis and use of several types of hybrid latices. Among these are alkyd/acrylic, polyurethane acrylic and inorganic/organic polymer latices. The similarities to, and differences from, standard latex polymerizations are presented in great detail so that the participant has the opportunity to grasp the fundamental aspects of the polymerization reactions and colloid chemistry associated with making such morphologically interesting particles. The alkyd, polyurethane and inorganic dispersions required as a first step in the production of hybrid latices usually require special techniques and these will be reviewed as part of the workshop.​

We have designed this workshop for industrial scientists and engineers who have some background in “standard” emulsion polymerization techniques, and who are interested/engaged in extending their experience to include the synthesis, characterization and use of hybrid latices.

Click here for more workshop information (downloadable pdf).